BloodgroundTrack Listings

  1. IGBYHI3
  2. I Recall It All
  3. Hit Him In The Head (Download)
  4. The Median
  5. Sonata
  6. Black Heart
  7. The Saddest Girl I’ve Ever Known
  8. Bloodground
  9. A Ghost Inside These Walls
  10. Nagging Blues (Download)
  11. Can’t Help Falling In Love (Download)
  12. Some Hilarious Talking
  13. The Saddest Girl I’ve Ever Known 2

Stream: Hit Him In The Head

Stream: Nagging Blues

Stream: Can’t Help Falling In Love


My Time In The Empire

Track Listings

  1. IGBYHI2 (feat. Julie Scott)
  2. My Time In the Empire (feat. Julie Scott)
  3. An Ode To Bernadette: Or, It Just Happened (feat. Julie Scott)
  4. I Like Trains (feat. Julie Scott)
  5. An Ode To Bernadette: Or, I Used To Be A Locomotive Man (feat. Julie Scott)
  6. The Hangman’s On His Way (feat. Julie Scott)
  7. Caught Me A Tiger
  8. Enter Lord Hoggington
  9. Liquor Pig (feat. Julie Scott)
  10. An Ode To Bernadette: Or, Looking Back (feat. Julie Scott, Yoshi Oba)
  11. Crooked Heart (feat. Julie Scott, Takuro Otani)
  12. Waltz (feat. Julie Scott, Takuro Otani)
  13. Arigatou (feat. Julie Scott, Adam Mason)
  14. I Need Someone To Sing With Me (feat. Julie Scott, Takuro Otani, James Oldenburg)
  15. ——————-
  16. Giri Choco Day
  17. ——————-
  18. Artillery (Live at the Calgary Folkfest Songwriting Contest) (feat. Paul Holden, Arlen Wutch)


13 Birds of Prey

Track Listings

  1. 13 Birds Of PreySweetie Pie
  2. Faith
  3. To Helen
  4. River of Tears
  5. Crooked Heart
  6. The Ballad of the Triggerman
  7. Daffodils
  8. Punishin Blues
  9. 13 Birds of Prey
  10. The Anger is Never Far Away
  11. Artillery
  12. Splitfoot
  13. Patience
  14. Sanshin No Hana
  15. I’m Gonna Bust Your Head In


Rattletale Album CoverRattletale

Download full album: Andrew Scott – Rattletale