Hard to Believe

Hard to believe it’s nearing the end of December.

Harder to believe that the Paul McCartney tickets that Julie and I scored will soon result in us seeing the man himself (in Edmonton?!)

2012 was our best year yet. We toured all over the place and played at a number of venues and festivals. Some big, some small and some bizarre. We saw a bit of Nashville, a bit of London, the Pacific, the Haida Gwaii, the Manitoba river, the Waterton Lakes and a whole lot of the Trans Canada Highway. We saw a landslide just outside of Prince George, an enraged Lac Du Bonnet wendigo, one or two empty cans of pilsner and a smoke damaged ukulele.

Honestly, road weariness aside, we had an absolutely fantastic year!

2013 is already looking super busy as we have:

  1. A trip to Toronto in Feb for Folk Alliance! T-Dot! The Big Smoke! The Centre of the Canadian Middle East!
  2. The gospel album “Shine Your Little Light” will be released very soon!
  3. Work will begin on the 3rd Andrew Scott solo album!
  4. A return trip to the UK is in the works!

Insanity! The only way to live a happy life!

Anywho… Happy holidays! We’ll see you soon!

Take care of you, yours and everybody else.

Wee Andy and Little Julie.