Hey there!

Sevelyne-and-fatheado, a lot has been happening at the Scott family compound over the last couple of months. Our plans for a new album were slightly delayed, though it’s well underway, due to the arrival of our beautiful baby daughter Evelyn! She is absolutely gorgeous!

That has, just for this year, put a wee bit of a dent in our summer time travel plans, but we do still have a few things on the go and are in the middle of arranging a few really cool things, on top of the new album, for 2015 and beyond!

In the meantime, I am really happy to announce that one of the new songs from the upcoming album has been selected as a finalist at The South Country Fair Songwriting Competition and The Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. Huzzah! The performances will be in a couple of weeks and I’ll make sure to get the results up here.

Talk to you soon! Andrew, Julie and Evelyn