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Contact Glitch October 25, 2016

Hey, the contact form on this site had a glitch that sent the message but not the email it was from and I couldn’t reply!  If you sent a message today (Oct 25) about an event in November, can you please contact Andrew again (we have the info, just not the contact details).   The contact form is fixed, but you can also email Andrew at andrewscottandrewscott [at] gmail [dot] com

Album Release! November 28, 2015

10456031_948942685160510_1460683991951847608_nThe album release at Sideliner’s in Edmonton went really well! Thanks so much to everybody who came out to see us!
Just a heads up, if you are interested in buying a copy of the new album then head to the purchase section of the website here and you can find all of my albums for sale. The best part is that you can pay whatever you think is fair!
I’m really happy to share that I will be off to the United Kingdom for a string of gigs this coming May! I will be in Derry and Strabane (Northern Ireland) and then Burnham On Sea in England! More dates to come! I’m super excited!
Lastly, the world has seen more than its fair share of darkness over these past few days. Let’s all hope that wisdom, peace and love reign. My family and I send our most heartfelt regards to the families of all that have been affected by these horrible tragedies.
Take care amigos, we’re all in this together.

New Album – Bloodground is here! September 7, 2015

BloodgroundHey hey hey!

FINALLY! The new album “Bloodground” is here! We are so proud of this recording and hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much to Stew Kirkwood, Jeff Kynoch, Jesse Northey, Peter Stone, Sheldon Sveinson, Sandra Grouette, Marcus Vanstone, Thom Golub, Geoffrey O’Brien and all of the others involved in this long process. I’ve related the story before, but it bears repeating, a few days after we started doing demos for this Julie and I found out we were going to have a child. The timing… man oh man.

Anywho! An extra huge, massive, super thank you must go to my dear friend Celeigh Cardinal. Her beautiful voice is all over this album and it was a pleasure getting to collaborate with her.
Celeigh’s long overdue for an album herself. If you would like to donate to that very worthy cause then please click here:

If you would like to grab a physical copy of Bloodground then please either contact me directly, grab it at one of our shows (including the pub gigs) or buy it online and pay what you can at

Or head on over to the good people at CD baby:

If iTunes is your thing then head over to:

Or, if you’re a Spotify maniac then:

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